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Pictures الجولان بين مطرقة الإحتلال وسندان التلوث Video

 The Golan Heights Prior to the 1967 Israeli Occupation

All these villages were razed to the ground where new Israeli Settlements were Built instead  for thousands of immigrants from all over the world, when the genuine people were uprooted to makeshift tents and houses away from the land of the ancestors!

This is my personal website, in which I publish my recent articles, as  a Syrian Journalist . I do welcome others' suggestions and articles in the interest of international justice, peace and coexistence. I strongly believe in the importance of interactive dialogue among all; so that ,we all, can -united- face the unbearable injustice ,unfortunately, characterizing the world of today. I guess what others would feel once they know that all the villages cited in Arabic in the the map of the Syrian Golan Heights prior to its occupation by Israeli soldiers on June 4, 1967, are no more there; where Israeli settlements mushroomed instead. The Syrians of the Golan Heights , as one of them, are still in waiting for the definite  return to their houses.